CSA Elections 2019: Rohit Sawa, GenSec Candidate

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DoJMA: Why do you think people should vote for you? Like why you and why not someone else?

Rohit Sawa: I believe that not only proper communication but also proper groundwork is needed to hold such an important post. A person like me who has done proper research is eligible to hold this post. I have come across various issues of the campus and I have proper plans to resolve them. Along with that I also have various new reforms and initiatives that is very necessary for the Campus.


DoJMA: How is your campaign going? How are you going about doing it?

Rohit Sawa: It is going very nicely. For secondies, I’m going door to door. And for firsties, corridor wise campaigning. I go to hostels and ask them about the problems they face and how I’ll resolve them. I also tell them about my new implementations and plans.


DoJMA: How do you think your campaign is going? Are people interested in your cause? What is the response?

Rohit Sawa: Yes, people do come out and take interest in my points. Gauging their reactions, I think it is going well and they will support me and actually vote for me.


DoJMA: How are you going to get food outlets like Ice n Spice and Food King to update and increase their menu?

Rohit Sawa: I talked to the managers and they said that they really wanted to expand the menu and just needed permission from the administration and I’m having a meeting with the Mess Committee. If they agree, then the menu will be increased. The manager of these outlets himself gave suggestions for the items that he wanted to be added to the menu.


How are you going to convince the committee to do this? What problems are there currently?

Rohit Sawa: The menu is very limited. It will be for the benefit of the students as they will get more options to eat.


DoJMA: Quite a few of your points are similar to that of the General Secretary last year and you still want to implement the points that weren’t done. What is your strategy for convincing the administration?

Rohit Sawa: For the UPI issue, I talked to the manager of Food King and Sharath Babu and he said they will change the whole system of payment and then they will introduce UPI system. Conversations are going on with him right now. He has a current account into which all the payments we do go into that credit account. What I’m trying to do is make the payments into the Manager’s account and a UPI can be started form that account.


DoJMA: Installation of Wi-fi in CH7 and AH9 hasn’t been done for almost two years now; what is your approach to solving this particular issue?

Rohit Sawa: The process of this is very slow. If someone from CSA puts pressure on them regularly, then it can be done. I have talked to our Chief Warden about this and it will be done next semester.


DoJMA: What about the installing about whiteboards?

Rohit Sawa: It is already going on in AH8. Previously it was said that this year it will happen in CH1 also but it hasn’t been installed yet, which is why I have raised this point.


DoJMA: What about your point of installing solar powered charging stations in the campus?

Rohit Sawa: I have removed that point from my agenda as I don’t think it is beneficial. I thought of putting charging stations near the A arch and C arch.


DoJMA: Why did you think it was feasible?

Rohit Sawa: I had talked to A.K. Patil Sir (Purchase, Stores & Estate Maintenance In charge). He thought it was feasible, but then I thought it wasn’t that beneficial to the students, so I had to remove it.



DoJMA: You’re saying that you will introduce a new CSA magazine. What will be included in it and who will write it?

Rohit Sawa: I think between the CSA itself we can do this work or we can select a group of people from tge General Body to do it. This magazine will contain all the work done by the CSA. The frequency will be once in two months. Whatever the CSA does, different implementations and plans, hostel problems can be included in this.


DoJMA: Do you think that after becoming Gen Sec, you’ll have the time to write the magazine yourselves?

Rohit Sawa: I don’t think I will have time, but still as a group or a community we can do this.


DoJMA: How is this different from what the CSA Times already does?

Rohit Sawa: Most students don’t know about the CSA Times. I thought of sending this magazine by mail to all the students. Nobody bothers to open CSA Times mails, and it will be easier to open a magazine directly than to surf a website.


DoJMA: What can you tell us about the Academic Assistance Program?

Rohit Sawa: It usually involves seniors giving tutorials to first yearites regarding various courses. I thought of making it more formal with the help of the CSA and increasing its reach so more people will be aware about it. We’ll also provide incentives in the form of certificates to the tutors. CTE will be doing it, this time collaborating with the CSA.


DoJMA: Why do you think there is a need for a printer in the library when we already have two shops having this facility? Who will be running this?

Rohit Sawa: I’ll tell you the need for this. Suppose you don’t have a textbook and you go to the library to read it. If you want a xerox of it, you can easily do it there. The library staff will do it. There will also be payment of that.


DoJMA: How much will this cost including the printer and paying the librarians?

Rohit Sawa: The cost of a good quality printer and xerox machine will be around 15000 Rupees. Only one printer will be installed. Three people are in the library so one can do the printing job.


DoJMA: Why would people prefer to go to the library printer instead of the other shops?

Rohit Sawa: The other shops close at 9 and the Library closes at 11 so there will be a 2-hour extension. During the exam times, the Library is open for even longer. So, it will be beneficial.

I have talked to the librarians and they are willing to do this. I have also talked to the Chief Warden and he said that this was once discussed in the Contracts Committee, but was not implemented though it can be done.


DoJMA: How do you plan to provide sports equipment on an ID-card basis?

Rohit Sawa: There are many equipments in the SAC but they’re for use only by the teams. I had a chat with Chandu Lamani Sir and he said that they can make it available for public use like the library card system. If any damages occur, the student will have to pay it.


DoJMA: This will need tagging of all the equipment and will take a lot of time. Who will invest this time?

Rohit Sawa: No, it will be a computer-based system. It is a one-time effort and then it can be used again. I have talked with Chandu Lamani Sir and he said it could be done. The staff at the SAC can do it.



DoJMA: You had mentioned bringing repair facilities for mobiles, laptops, watches, and spectacles. Who have you talked to regarding this?

Rohit Sawa: This will be an off-campus facility. The person will come to the campus to do it. I have talked to the Contracts Committee and they have said that it is not a big issue. I’ve also confirmed a person for this. He will be handling all four items. He used to come to campus many years ago but stopped as there weren’t many complaints.


DoJMA: So, will he be on campus on specific days?

Rohit Sawa: There will be a WhatsApp group and people can put their complaints there. Then he will come to campus and solve the problems.


DoJMA: So, it’s like a demand-basis system, where he comes if there are a large number of complaints. What if someone who has something to repair on an urgent basis? Will he come then?

Rohit Sawa: I’ve talked with him and he said that if there is even one complaint, then he will come. It may take him 2-3 days, but he will come to fix it.


DoJMA: Can you explain about this mobile food van?

Rohit Sawa: I thought of bring this mobile food van to the D side as they don’t have any eateries right now. This question was raised in the previous Contracts Committee but no one implemented this as they didn’t have a vendor. However, I have confirmed a mobile food eatery for this.


DoJMA: Why a mobile food van though? Why not another outlet?

Rohit Sawa: There is no construction on the D side for an outlet. As this is a mobile food van, it can be set up anywhere over there and the D side has space for it.


DoJMA: Will the food truck be stationed inside the campus?

Rohit Sawa: No, it will come and go every day.


DoJMA: Won’t that get expensive though? Won’t their additional expenses increase the price of the food they sell? Will it be feasible for the students?

Rohit Sawa: Yes, of course. They are selling in the market and they are coming from there to here. They will sell it at the same price as they do outside.

As for prices, if we have a contract with them for a fixed period of time, they will have a subsidized price for the students here.


DoJMA: Have you talked to the vendor you have contacted about reduced prices then?

Rohit Sawa: Yes, I have. All the prices which you will find in the market, it will be less than that here.


DoJMA: How do you plan to increase the number of sanitary pad incinerators?

Rohit Sawa: As of now, there is one incinerator in CH4. It was installed a while back. With the permission of the Chief Warden, I will try to have it installed in CH7 as well.


DoJMA: Have you talked to the Chief Warden regarding this? Why wasn’t it done before? What about the cost for the same?

Rohit Sawa: It was just an initiative last time. We cannot set up a whole bunch at the same time.

As for the cost, it is around 20k, so I think it is feasible to set up one more.


DoJMA: How do you plan to keep the CSA website updated periodically when it still hasn’t happened before?

Rohit Sawa: I can assure you of my dedication for the same. This semester, there was the problem of the servers. But, if I become the General Secretary, I will try my best to keep it updated properly.


DoJMA: You said you would be available for consultation at fixed times in the CSA room. Why and how will you manage it? Wouldn’t it be better if they contacted you using other mediums?

Rohit Sawa: Personal consultations are required to hear the issues faced by the general body of students. Yes, of course, they can contact me through WhatsApp and email but you can’t solve all problems in that way.


DoJMA: How do you plan to inform the students of the times you will be available? How will you manage it in case for some reason you cannot be available for a particular day?

Rohit Sawa: I certainly won’t be sending e-mails for each and every appointment I’ll have. I will try my best to be there at the time I have already fixed. There will be fixed chamber hours which I will inform all the students through e-mail. I plan to be present twice every week for one to two hours for the same.


DoJMA: How do you plan to be in regular touch with the CSA extended? What about the hostels which may not have the hostel representatives?

Rohit Sawa: In that case, I will contact the hostel assistant.

If he doesn’t know all the problems, then, I will directly contact the students in that hostel. I will conduct a meeting in that hostel and directly ask them what issues they have.

The students who don’t show up can always meet me during the fixed times I will be there in the CSA room. Or they can text or e-mail me.


DoJMA: What exactly do you mean by improvement of the workshop ground?

Rohit Sawa: It is very rocky, i.e. there are big stones and boulders everywhere. Improvement here means removing them and making the ground cleaner and more levelled.


DoJMA: Who will do that? Have you talked to the appropriate people for this?

Rohit Sawa: The workers will do that. I have talked to the Estate Manager and he told me it can be done and that we can try to make it smoother.


DoJMA: But why will they agree to something that is increasing their workload by so much?

Rohit Sawa: Yes, it will increase their work, but once it is done, it can be maintained after that. I have talked to the administration and they have said it is possible to have it done.


DoJMA: What about the issue of sanitation in the SAC?

Rohit Sawa: There are still many complaints about the hygiene in SAC. I plan to do this by having them cleaned on a regular basis.


DoJMA: That is what is anyway supposed to happen. What new approach do you have to implement it better?

Rohit Sawa: Once a month, I will myself directly take a visit there and see if the cleaning is being done properly or not. If I don’t find it up to the mark, I will go to the SAC in-charge.




DoJMA: Have you talked to any fruit vendors who are willing to come to the D side?

Rohit Sawa: I have talked to Kailash vendor and he is willing to sell in the D wing. He is based in Vasco, Goa. He is ready to come to BITS. He will be there every day in specific time slots.

The boiled chicken being made available in the mess has already been done before. Why include it?

It was initially started by someone but the price was not agreed upon by the Mess Committee. Hey wanted to increase the price that was charged for the chicken.


DoJMA: But then will the students buy it if you increase the price at which they sold it?

Rohit Sawa: They wanted to keep it at a higher price because the cost at which they got the chicken was higher than what was being charged.


DoJMA: Have you talked to other sellers for acquiring it at a lesser price?

Rohit Sawa: Yes. Currently, the negotiations are going on in the Mess Committee and it will be implemented soon.


DoJMA: How will you improve the hygiene conditions in Food King and Ice n Spice?

Rohit Sawa: Their own workers will do it. They will take care of it.


DoJMA: But they already do that. What do you want to do then?

Rohit Sawa: Many students have complained that the places where they cook the food is not very sanitary. I had a talk with the managers and they agreed with me and said they will take better care of it, i.e., just to keep the kitchen cleaner.


DoJMA: Other than these points, what else do you plan on doing?

Rohit Sawa: If some student wants something to be done and the idea is feasible, then, I will try my best to get it implemented.