CSA Elections 2019: Parth Deshpande, GenSec Candidate

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DoJMA: Hey Parth! I hope you are doing well! So let’s start with you telling us why you have applied for the post of the General Secretary?


Parth: I feel that a strong CSA is important for the proper functioning of our campus.  Since CSA represents the students, its strength will ensure that students’ grieviances are dealt with. I feel that I can be a mediator and fulfill my duties if given a chance.



DoJMA:  Why do you think you’ll be a strong GenSec? What have you been upto in your first year that makes you strong candidate?


Parth:  Giving back to the society has always been an essential part of me. That is how I was raised. I have tutored in Abhigyan. I have helped DoMaC during the three fests,  where I picked up some man-management skills. Other than these, I am also a part of the table tennis team.



DoJMA:  What according to you is the role of a GenSec in the CSA?


Parth: An analogy that could be drawn is that what a convenor is to a fest, in the same way,  a GenSec is to the daily functioning of the campus. So that is what my role would be- Carrying forward the grievances of the students to the administration and bringing in some new amenities to the campus.



DoJMA:  What are some of these amenities that you plan to bring in the campus?


Parth:  As stated in my agenda,  I would like to get vending machines installed in the campus.  I have talked to Atharva,  head of the ERC project making indigenous vending machines.  The prototype is ready and he has assured me that with CSA funding,  the machine will be up in less than two months.

Other than that,  I have also contacted Vendyman, a company which has been providing vending machines in the Hyderabad campus. I am still in talks with them, and they have given positive feedback too.



DoJMA: One of the previous candidates also had vending machines in his agenda. But he couldn’t get them due to some problems. Did you talk to them regarding those constraints? If yes, how would you deal with those problems this time?


Parth:  Yes, I have talked to Mukund. One of the problems he faced was the unavailability of storage facilities for the items in the vending machines. Now,  a possible temporary solution would be a storage shed in the D side,  or a collaboration with Malakars,  which I am already in talks with.



DoJMA: The point regarding the MPower Cell is not very clear in your agenda. Whom do you want to release the load off? The students, The Cell? Can you please elaborate the point a bit more?



Parth: Sure! As a part of my ground work, I got to know that empower cell has been booked till 28th April as of now. So no new appointment can be made before that. This is due to the lack of counsellors in the Cell.  By pushing this matter to the administration,  I would like to employ more counsellors. I am even willing to contact Mrs Birla to push this matter ahead,  since this has emerged as a serious problem.



DoJMA: Your counterpart,  Aseem juneja has promised a reform in the mess system where money won’t be charged if you don’t have food that day in the mess. What are your views on the feasibility of this idea?


Parth:  See, while I was trying to know the students’ grievances to make my agenda, no one in particular came up to me and told me that this is serious issue that needs addressing, because most of the times, this is a ‘spur of the moment’ decision! Also, I am not too sure about how feasible this is.



DoJMA: But BITS Hyderabad does have this system in place.


Parth: Yes, I am aware of the system in the Hyderabad campus. There are flaws in that system too. For now,  I haven’t done sufficient ground work on this issue,  and I’ll address this in the next debate.



DoJMA: Let’s talk about the issue of food delivery boys being allowed inside campus. How would you ensure that no illicit stuff is brought in the campus through the delivery boys?


Parth:  I have had a word with Swiggy, and Swiggy being a Bitsian startup has agreed to let deliveries take place inside the campus. Also, they have assured no illicit stuff will be brought in, and it will be further enforced in any kind of official agreement we have with them. Any security procedure from our side will have to be discussed with the security team and the concerned authorities, but I nevertheless guarantee that no student will be subjected to checks of any kind because of this.


If not right outside hostel,  we can get the deliveries to a mid-point on the campus, let’s say Ice and Spice.



DoJMA:  In your SOP, you have talked about making the CSA website active. In the Vice President candidate’s SOP, he talks about  integrating the CSA website into the SWD website and opening new tabs. This is clearly a conflict of interests? How would you deal with this situation if both of you get elected?


Parth: So as of now,  the SWD website is being run by Sarthak Agarwal, with whom I had a word.

I have also read the SOP of the Vice President and I am sure we can sort out a middle ground in this. Moreover both the websites are used for different things,  and I think instead of merging both, we should rather focus more on publicising CSA times.



DoJMA:  So, from next year all the freshmen will be in the D side hostels.  How are you gonna ensure their comfort?


Parth:  I have dedicated a part of my SOP to only D side issues. Incoming pests and disease carrying vectors are a major issue in D side hostels, mainly due to the ongoing construction.

There are no water coolers in DLTs and this needs addressing. I have talked to the authorities and this problem shall be dealt with.



DoJMA:  Network is also a major issue in the D side. What about that?


Parth:  See,  this issue has been dealt with in the Presidential candidate’s SOP,  and we are aware of this problem.  But, this issue can only be solved by the construction of towers, which needs to be dealt at the administration level.  I can assure you that as a GenSec,  I’ll make sure there is no WiFi issue.



DoJMA: How would you do that?


Parth: By trying my best to push the problem to the administration.



DoJMA: The points that you have mentioned in your SOP are achievable. I don’t think there’s a doubt about that. But most of them require you to come to power and push the problem to the administration. The administration would be the deciding factor. Is there any one point about which you are confident that will be achieved?


Parth: I am confident that after coming to power, I will get all of these points achieved by working with the administration. One of the points, for example, the Laundromat, I have already talked with Mohnish and others regarding its smooth functioning and the revised prices. So that has been already ensured. Regarding the vending machine too, the project prototype is ready. All we need now is the CSA funding to implement it. The other ideas, like better washroom facilities and SAC, I have already talked to Patil sir and the concerned authorities to get these on board.



DoJMA: As a concluding question, what is your review of the last year’s GenSec candidate and how will you prove yourself to be better?


Parth: Last year’s GenSec has done a lot,  and completed almost every point on his agenda. I personally have made my agenda based on simple but nagging issues concerning us, and all of them are achievable. I don’t want do negative campaigning, but I feel that other candidates have promised a lot of unachievable stuff whereas my agenda isn’t surreal and is based on problems people face everyday.



DoJMA:  It’s been great talking to you! Thanks for your time and all the best!


Parth: Thanks a lot!