CSA Elections 2019: Avi Chauhan, Vice President Candidate

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DoJMA: Please explain your motivation behind bringing a cycle vendor to campus. What
groundwork have you done for the same?

Avi: I’ve spoken to this company called Pahiya, and they are willing to come to campus. With respect
to the safety of the students, I cannot guarantee this. I believe that BITSians are mature enough
to take responsibility of their own safety. Moreover, there is no safe means of traveling from
here to say, Zari. There isn’t even a footpath. In theory, there are equal chances of someone
getting hurt. However, commuting in general would be much easier if students were given this

DoJMA: One of the main points in your agenda was to upgrade the SWD website. What exactly do
you intend to change about it? We have also come to know that there is a shortage of
developers in their end? How would you tackle this situation?

Avi: There have been talks of revamping the SWD website for almost two years now. I’ve spoken to
the current developers, Aryan and Sarthak. The two major changes that are in the pipeline as of
now are Dynamic Dues and cookie based login. What I want to implement on the site is the
addition of an external links tab, which has links to all important websites commonly accessed
by students (FTP, Complaint Portal,BITS ERP, BITSHerald, etc.). It doesn’t require too much
effort as it is a fairly rudimentary task, it won’t require too much of the developer’s time. My main
aim is to make everything accessible for everyone.

DoJMA: The campus is well aware that the ARC and BITSGenesis hold numerous UPSC talks for
students. Another key point in your agenda is a UPSC forum. What is your UPSC forum
going to do differently, and how will it benefit aspirants?

Avi: There are two main things I’d like to implement. The talks being conducted by these
organisations are nearly the same in essence, and my aim is to integrate/merge them into one
entity. As we know, the officers who deliver these talks discuss their respective preparation
strategies, and if they are being organised by two different groups, there’s bound to be some
repetition. By implementing this, there would be a very good talk that spans all the aspects
related to the preparation and students wouldn’t have to repeatedly attend such events. The
talks would be sequential and organised much better. Secondly, what truly makes the UPSC
forum different is that it gives a platform of interaction and discussion for the aspirants on
campus, who are often unaware that there are a lot of other students preparing as well.

DoJMA: What groundwork have you done in order to bring Javed Habib to campus? Please
explain what steps you’ve taken to make the rates subsidised.

Avi: As I said in my agenda, I am in talks with Javed Habib, there hasn’t been a written confirmation
from their side, as they would like to contact with administration first. If they see their
prospective business booming, they would definitely set up a franchise inside the campus.
Looking at students’ current salon visit trends, at least 85% prefer getting their hair cut at some
salons near Dabolim or MES, even though the cost for a haircut in current salon is Rs.40. The
cost for a haircut is usually Rs.70 off campus, the travel cost to Dabolim would be Rs.20
considering one takes a bus from MES, whereas we are pitching them a cost of Rs.99 per
haircut as they have in Pilani Campus. Most students would prefer paying ₹9 in order to
comfortably get their hair cut on campus over traveling. The salon is proposed to be unisex, for
this purpose, the administration is renovating the shopping centre.

DoJMA: In your agenda, you said and I quote “Any change in the rules related to administrative affairs
related to our day to day to day life here will be informed through an email in prior.” How is
that different from the system we have now?

Avi: The changes I am focusing on in my agendas are just not related to changes like hike in mess
fees, I am focusing on changes that should have been informed by the admin, but weren’t. The
concept of on-campus registration is to get students on time in campus, which I totally agree
with, but this time, without prior notice, students were provided with new credentials for their
registration in campus gate on the first day itself, due to this, many students had to register late
for the classes that began already. My aim is to keep students informed about decisions like
these, in order to improve the transparency between administration and students.

DoJMA: How exactly will you make yourself and the CSA approachable? How will it be different from
the steps taken by previous CSA members?

Avi: The CSA evolves every year, and every CSA tries harder to be more approachable to the
students. A lot of times, it so happens that the concerned CSA member in not available in
person. As a Vice President, I will make sure that any issue pertaining to the students will be
resolved and they will not be left hanging. My approachability will not limited to coordinators of
clubs and departments. In the scenario where two events clash, it will be judiciously decided as
to which issue requires more attention and action will be taken accordingly, but no issue will be
ignored in my tenure.

DoJMA: How will you implement dynamic budget allocation?

Avi: More than a dynamic budget allocation it will be a dynamic budget reimbursement. In the current
situation, the election of the treasurer was delayed, and that’s why all allocations were stalled. Now,
the idea is to make budget reimbursement more dynamic. This was a part of the agenda of the treasurer
as well. Till now reimbursement occurred after first semester. But sometimes, it happens that a
department or club wants to organise an event but they don’t have enough money. In those cases, there
must be a system such that funds are made available to them when need arises. For budgets more than
₹8000, they will submit bills, they will have to sign an NFA and funds will be allocated to them within a

DoJMA: What makes you different from the previous candidates? What gives you an edge? Why do you think
you will be able to do this job well?

Avi: I think some of my qualities, such as good leadership, good public relations give me an edge. I was also
the HR of AH6 Hostel and hence I have prior experience in this field. Also, I have good relations with the
administration and I believe I can deal with any issues that come up in the future.