CSA Reviews 2019: Ayush Gupta, Treasurer

The Treasurer for the year 2018-19, Ayush Gupta, was elected late as NOTA had received the highest number of votes in the Treasurer elections which happened in April. In his tenure, a few of his promises were kept. However, he failed to implement certain policies which, according to him, could not be realized due to the dependencies involved.

Read the full interview below:

DoJMA: The first point in your agenda stated that you will put up the budget on CSA Times as soon as possible. Why hasn’t this been done yet?

Ayush Gupta: In the first semester, the budgets of a few clubs were not finalised and since we cannot release the budget until all allocations have been made, we couldn’t release it in the first semester. In the second semester, Quark was held in the first week of February and I was busy with that. After that, there was a cycle of reimbursements and we re-allocated the budget based on the progress that the clubs had made in their projects. We thought that instead of releasing the previous budget, we should release the re-allocated budget. We were planning to do that before Spree, but I met with an accident and we couldn’t do it.

DoJMA: In your interview before the elections, you had mentioned that a mobile app for PR drives was in the final stages of development. If it was, then why hasn’t it been launched?

AG: We had made an app and we had also tested it. But there were many issues with the app. After we resolved those, while testing the app again, we realized that there was no way of cross checking (the orders). Hence, we thought of a new system and we finally decided upon using Google Sheets. I thought of implementing it during Spree, but I met with an accident, after which we had the mid-semester examinations. Hence, I couldn’t implement it.

DoJMA: Can you explain to us how the budget of clubs/departments was made more flexible?

AG: We noted the per-semester expenses of clubs. If X club wanted ₹18,000 in first semester, we allocated that much in the first semester and the same amount in the second semester. However, if they used only ₹12,000 in the first semester, the remaining ₹6,000 was re-allocated to other clubs which needed the money.

DoJMA: You had mentioned in your agenda that payments of more than ₹10,000 would be made directly by the CSA. Was this implemented effectively?

AG: Yes, it was. MuSoc’s payments to vendors for the Music Night were made directly to the vendors by us.

DoJMA: You created sponsorship teams for the Aerodynamics Club, ERC and SAE, but none of them have improved their sponsorship. What do you have to say about this?

AG: We have just started the culture of having sponsorship teams. It is a gradual process. The heads of the clubs told me that they got a few leads, but they weren’t successful. From next year onwards, since they’ll have a better understanding, they will be able to get sponsorships. The main role of the CSA was to resolve clashes between sponsorship teams, if any arose.

DoJMA: What efforts have been made to generate funds for student projects?

AG: I tried contacting BITSAA. They told me that they would get back to me, but every time I followed up with them, they didn’t reply. When I was doing groundwork, I had mailed them and they had replied positively saying that they would look into it. Apart from this, we have started a technical support fund for independent student projects.

DoJMA: Can you tell us about what measures you took to minimise cash transactions during fests?

AG: During fests, we used POS machines and Paytm so that cash transactions are minimised. During Waves, only Paytm was there as we were not able to get the POS machines from the administration.

DoJMA: Many students have not yet received their Quark tees, even after you specifically sent a mail assuring everyone that they would receive their t-shirts. Why does this issue keep arising during every fest?

AG: The t-shirts were delayed by the vendor. They arrived during Spree, so we will distribute them in the next few days. The Waves t-shirts arrived late because the vendor gave it late, although we had already made the payment. We have blacklisted this vendor and we didn’t call him for later fests.