Our campus boasts of lush green avenues and bright, starry nights. It houses beautiful architecture and infrastructure, coexisting with the tranquility of nature – a kaleidoscopic blend of a modern society and a primitive one. It has been called one of the most beautiful campuses of the country more than once, and it is definitely worthy of the title. Beautiful indeed; but only as long as it isn’t occupied by ignorant, irresponsible humans who so easily turn a blind eye to the beauty that they are surrounded with. DoJMA brings to you a series of pictures captured over a span of several days highlighting how careless habits arising out of disregard, are diminishing the light of our beautiful campus.

1.) The Cricket Ground




The area shown in the picture above is of the cricket ground overlooked by the benches on the pathway. Enjoyed a packet of lays with your special someone on a cool, breezy evening? Time to toss away the packet in the big, dumping ground you see in front of you. The area is strewn with chocolate and wafer wrappers, plastic water bottles and pieces of paper. What’s worse is that the location from where this picture was taken has three dustbins in its immediate vicinity – one to its right, another to its left and the third behind, on the opposite side of the road. The entire pathway has around 6 – 7 dustbins in total. But do we care?


  1. Subspot
















Subspot is a very recent addition to the eateries on campus. However, it couldn’t escape littering by the students. From leaving the butter papers, in which the sandwich is wrapped, on the table, to dropping crushed coffee cups and paper plates on the ground, Subspot surely has seen its fair share of student littering. The 2 pictures above are a great example of the extent. Have you noticed the dustbin in picture 2? We did too.


  1. Ice and Spice

















The saddest state on the entire campus was probably of the A side pathway, along which people sit and eat, when the tables fill up in the limited space of Ice and Spice. The entire pathway is littered profusely with all kinds of paper cups, plates, plastic wrappers, soft drink cans and water bottles. This can be observed on both sides of the pathway. DoJMA noted that not only students, but also professors and administrators toss their coffee cups to the side, once they are done. It was saddening to see the people responsible for the maintenance of the campus contribute to its mess.


  1. C Mess

















All of us have had the occasional ice cream or soft drink after lunch and have adequately disposed off the plastic containers in the bin once done. Or have we? The above picture begs to differ. With the bin less than 10 metres from the location shown, we wonder what could be the reason behind such extensive littering.


  1. D side



The D side is indeed beautifully built. Even in the picture above we can see the beautiful auburn petals and the lush green trees against the background of a sturdy and aesthetic structure. However, the same people who built it have also decided to carelessly discard their construction material on it. Not only is this an environmental hazard, but also a hazard to people, with sharp pipes lying unattended on the ground.

Life is easy when you eat an ice-cream and throw away the packet. Hang on a second, though! Can you spare some time from your easy-going, carefree life and realize that we are not supposed to live here “just” for four or five years and then make our exits from this place, perhaps, forever? Each time that you are inadequately disposing off trash and littering the campus, you are in turn gobbling up a part of the life that it is selflessly giving to you! It’s really not difficult to spot a dustbin in your vicinity and discard the waste there. All it needs is a change in mentality, a “mindset” shift from “Why me?” to “I’ll contribute to the maintenance of my campus in whatever way I can”.