To those familiar with electronic music, Artem Stolyarov is no stranger. An incredibly versatile artist, his impressive discography over the years has something for every occasion and music taste. Be it euphoric, energetic progressive house-influenced hooks as ARTY or warm, deep, emotional progressive trance as ALPHA 9, the man has won the hearts of fans and fellow producers alike with his unique, multifaceted sound. Supported since the earliest stages of his career by legends like Armin van Buuren, Avicii, Above and Beyond and Paul van Dyk, the 29 year old has been a dominant force in the scene for over a decade, delivering hit after hit with remarkable consistency. In 2018 alone, he released a whopping 20 tracks between his two aliases, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Since there’s no party without ARTY (sorry, we just had to), we decided to take a look at what this incredible musician has to offer.


London Grammar – Hey Now (ARTY Remix)

Remixing the unique sound of London Grammar is no easy task, but ARTY makes it look effortless, creating an electronic masterpiece with swirling pads and a soothing bassline, perfectly complementing the vocals and letting the spirit of the original song shine through.


ALPHA 9 – Come Home

One of the best known tracks from the ALPHA 9 project, this beautiful track is the perfect blend of sadness and hope, with bittersweet chord progressions that make for an emotional journey, making this track perfect for a late night drive.


ALPHA 9 – Burning Heart

In case you feel we’ve used a few words too many while describing the sound of ALPHA 9, we’ll leave it to this beauty of a tune to do it instead in exactly zero sentences, with its warm bassline, feel-good melody, a guitar riff playing softly in the background, and melancholic vocals, all coming together to perfectly embody the sound of ALPHA 9.


Armin van Buuren & ARTY – Nehalennia

The opening track of Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance 2013 compilation, it set the tone for Disc 1 of the two-CD album in the best way possible, with its iconic vocal chops and soaring melodies, making this collaboration one to remember.


ARTY – Perfect Strangers

This one’s got ARTY written all over it, with feel-good vocals and  his inimitable signature euphoric synths. Remember when we said there’s no party without ARTY? This track just backs up our claim.


Armin van Buuren & Susana – Shivers (ALPHA 9 Remix)

The sound of ALPHA 9 is unmistakable, and this incredible remix of one of the greatest trance tracks of all time is no exception. Keeping the dark vibe of the original intact while also infusing it with the warmth we’ve come to associate with ALPHA 9, this one will give you shivers down your spine.


ALPHA 9 – Higher Place

Music can heal you, and take you to higher ground. This track infuses the ALPHA 9 vibe that Stolyarov himself calls ‘cinematic’ with a good dose of the euphoric energy we normally associate with ARTY, creating a masterpiece that truly takes your mind to a higher place. This track is a constant reminder that good music can wash away the pain, fatigue, fear and regrets at the end of a long day.


ARTY & April Bender – Sunrise

The sound we associate with the golden age of Swedish progressive house, the era of giants like Swedish House Mafia and Avicii, dating back to 2011-12 or so, never really left us, as this collaboration blends those nostalgic vibes with the slamming sound design and chord structure we’ve all come to associate with ARTY, with the end result being the sound of summer, ready to destroy dance floors all year long.


ARTY & Chris James – Together We Are

This track is all about the infamous Nexus piano associated with progressive house, as ARTY masterfully blends piano riffs with massive supersaw synths and the soulful vocals of Chris James (some of you may know him from his collaboration with deadmau5 called The Veldt), creating a stormer of a tune that in our opinion, is severely underrated despite being right up there with some of ARTY’s finest works.


ARTY & Mat Zo – Rebound

This collaboration between two of the most talented electronic artists of this decade brings together the sound design genius of Mat Zo with the soaring synths of ARTY, creating an eight minute long journey with its iconic deep, earth-shattering bass, a warm, melodic breakdown, and an explosive chorus that remains one of the musical highlights of 2011 and the Anjunabeats catalogue till date.


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