In conversation with Filtercopy | Nayana Shyam & Veer Rajwant Singh | YClave | Waves 2018

In the first edition of YClave BITS Goa that was held during Waves 2018, BITS Pilani Goa Campus. DoJMA journalists Divya and Ashmeet got a chance to interact with Nayana Shyam and Veer Rajwant Singh who were representing popular youtube channel Filtercopy in the YClave Panel. They talked about their experience of Waves 2018 and more.


DoJMA: How was your experience judging the event Strangely Familiar?

Veer Rajwant Singh: It was very good. I was expecting something else. I was expecting it would be something formal but it was very chilled out. Very nice.

DoJMA: Which part of it did you love the most?

VRS: I think I, I liked the, what was the part that we laughed the most?

Nayana Shyam: The end part, the last one.

DoJMA: the dog and the pole one?

NS: The beginning and the end ones. It’s just, it’s not very easy to do improve at all. And to go on the stage and do something in a minute. It was really great.

DoJMA: How did you come up with the situations? How did you do that?

VRS: And we had it going different too. We were also coming up with the ideas.

NS: Yeah, even we were competing like we had to come up with ideas in thirty seconds, yaar.

DoJMA: How did you go about, like coming up with ideas for different pairs? So many ideas and such little time?

VRS: We had a list there. We had to give them whatever we had from the list and then whatever they did, according to that we thought of some.

NS: So, basic things. Like, people are dentists so we are like he should be this kind of a dentist, so both of them have bad breath or whatever so those are the things that we kept thinking of.

DoJMA: You have been working on “What the Folks” right now, and you have done so many single videos, so what do you prefer more out of these?

VRS: So when I had started sketches, I didn’t have any idea what they are because then web was just starting in 2015, so the when I first started doing it, then I realised that maybe people are liking me in it because I don’t put a lot of acting in it. I try to do as it comes to me. Like, if someone gives me Nayana Shyam, I’ll try to do Nayana Shyam as much as I can do instead of putting my nose into it and trying to do what I can do about it. But there was always the hunger of holding to a character and you know, taking it somewhere. Because like a sketch is a one day work. You get up in the morning , you shoot and then you get done in a day. But when you have a character and then you read the script and you prepare for ten days, like in your head or at your place. And then you shoot for twenty days. So, I think after, a sketch is easier and you can have more fun with it because you can like, even that Baburao one that we did, we had a lot of fun because we were like, you get a lot of advice from many people and you do it because it’s fun and you have to make people laugh, so that’s a fun job. But I think I prefer characters because it’s a responsibility and as an actor when you get up in the mornings, you have one serious job to do, that you know, like you have to do this because once you’re done with the scene you can’t redo again it is going to be uploaded. This is the scene that people are going to judge. So yeah. That is, I think the answer to your question.

DoJMA: Nayana, you have scripted like many videos, and it is such relatable content. Like your “Fashion Conversation with Your Mom”. You have pinpointed everything in that. How do you manage to cover like every single thing?

NS: It is my life, with my parents doing that. That script was my own life story. So I didn’t like, everything was, I had just written down what my dad said once or my mom said once, I just made into scenes. The best part about that video are actually the actors in it. Shiba ma’am and Ayesha are amazing. Whatever I had experienced they took it to a different level.

DoJMA: So basically, you took inspiration from your own personal experiences.

NS: Most of the videos are that. Even “If your Salary was a Person”, was inspiration from real life.

VRS: It is like this – you work one year on relatable things, seeing lot of people doing lot of things, like she got that experience from her parents. I would like to know how did you come up with the salary one? That is an innovative idea. Like if salary was a person, how did you come up with that?

NS:  It started one month when I was really broke. That’s how it started. And then I got my salary on the 31st. That’s when it hit me that this is like a relationship with money being like my boyfriend.

DoJMA: How do you react to negative and positive comments on your videos?

NS: In the first two years, we used to keep refreshing every minute- “Oh 2 more views!”. But then later we started taking everything in our stride.

VRS: Also, I think this is the idea of internet, you don’t have to have a show to have an opinion on something. Say you’re playing a Sikh and you are supposed to smoke in the scene and everything is well written and well directed and the hero also acted well, but still there will be at least one person who will not like it. They will have some problem and write it [in the comments]. So, I think acceptance is very important because you’re open to everyone. I don’t think there’s anything on YouTube which has only likes.