College : A place where learning is rumoured to take place, however ironically, all the pragmatic learning takes place outside the classroom.

Home : A place where you get the best food in town for free.

These two places form an important part of each person’s life, thankfully converting them from their embarrassing selves in high schools to young ,practical adults ready to take on the world  ( as long as the world doesn’t have quizzes). Home is where you sleep, and college is where you create beautiful memories and never want to leave , except for the dyslexic among us for whom these descriptions are reversed. Love it or hate it, a typical college student has to keep switching lives between his sanskaari vegetarian home-self and the definitely-less-than-sanskaari poker champion college-self. Maybe it’s split personality, or maybe drama practice, but it indeed is comical. To celebrate this disparity between the two worlds, DoJMA presents “A Cartoon Network” – A comic which strips bare the soul of BITS and home for a typical college student.