Almost a month has gone by and most of us have settled into our daily routines by now. So it’s time to see what our departments and clubs have been up to!

In the last article of the Winter Issue, DoJMA takes a look at the various upcoming events in the next few months.

The Literary and Debating Club (LDC)

The LDC is organizing the BITS Literary and Debating Leagues.

BITS Literary League is where literary enthusiasts and casuals try out their hand at common weekly challenges, such as the MELA (Music, Entertainment, Literature and Arts) Quiz, the Word-Games paper and the Taboo contest among others. The events typically consist of teams of 7-8, with personalised team names and a chance to take home a cash prize.

BITS Debating League is where those interested in debating try their hand at it, and seasoned debaters go for the prize. Featuring a separate category for first time debaters, the BITS Debating League allows those signing up to form teams of two, or even register independently to be randomly paired for the tournament. The league follows the four-team British Parliamentary (BP) debate format, and runs for a month, with a hotly contested grand finale open for audience, and a trophy and cash prize at stake.

The Music Society (MuSoc)

The members of the Music Society will be organising some performances for everyone to enjoy in the coming semester. With a Music Night in the Auditorium and an Acoustic Night elsewhere, we are excited to see what’s going to be in store for us this time!

BITS Alumni Relations Cell

The Alumni Relations Cell will be holding several events this semester, first being the Alumni Research Talks on January 12th. Apart from this, they will be organising CATChamps, where BITS Goa students who have aced CAT share their experiences and help the current students, and BITS2StartUp, BITS2CivilServices, and BITS2BSchools which are events where alumni in from fields mentioned give insight into their jobs and how they reached there.

Abhivyakti BITS Goa

Abhivyakti will be organising their flagship event, LIT Night 2.0,  showcasing some beautiful styles of poetry. Another open mic night will be coming up as well, where anyone interested in performing a piece and having a superstar moment can give it a go!

The Quiz Club

The Quiz Club will be conducting the BITS Quizzing League, a competition for all those even with a slight inclination for quizzing. During the third week of January, 7 teams will be formed, the captains purchasing quizzers similar to the IPL auction format. Then 7 quizzes will be conducted to see which team gets to claim themselves as the top quizzers on campus.

The Drama Club

The Drama Club will have their Drama Nights, for all avid play enthusiasts as well as casual watchers. The themes will be darker and more serious, in contrast to the humourous plays of the previous semester. These 4-5 plays will be held within a single week, towards the end of the semester.

BITS Genesis

BITS Genesis is conducting a talk by some brilliant students who managed to get prestigious internships last semester. A special talk for UPSC aspirants will also be conducted very soon. In addition to the talks, Genesis also plans to organize an ML workshop in association with Coding Blocks and also a workshop on Open Source Coding.

Mobile Application Club

App Development

The team is taking multiple courses in CTE. They have just released an update for BPGC login. You can also expect regular updates on the DoJMA and Comrades App. They are finished with the event app for Quark, which is quite user-friendly and an absolute visual treat. Spree app is also in the talks.

Game Development

The team has released a total of three games, two for Linux/Mac OS and Windows, names Dogger and Hexa, and another for Android, Tweety Bird.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The team is in the process of using a raspi to interact with the Google Assistant on a Google Home.

Also project to build an door unlock system for your room via your phone’s app is in works.