New Year Resolutions-Follow up

2018 came to an end. Like the old saying goes: all’s well if it ends well. We all hope to finish the year on a good note and begin the succeeding year, excited for new challenges, situations responsibilities and what not. The life of an average BITSian, however doesn’t seem to be affected with the passing of a decade, a millennium or even an era. You wake up one fine afternoon only to realize that you missed breakfast, lunch and also a MOW quiz at 11 am. When the room seems dark, optimism shows a spark of light, just like the resolutions of new year, although this spark never becomes a flame. Read on as DoJMA looks back at how successful the resolutions of an average BITSian turned out to be in the year 2018.

Attending Classes:
Fresh from the horror of how completely you destroyed your compres, you swore to never repeat the mistakes of your past. A hasty resolution was struck up, you bought enough notebooks for all your subjects, and even invested in some overpriced stationery.
The first few classes were torture. Every time you tried to focus on the figures on the blackboard, your attention would inevitably wander to more exciting things- whether there were fries for snacks, or if the prof’s distinctive accent was on purpose and finally deciding that classes were useless after all.
Your colorful pages of notes degenerated into pages of doodles. You started attending only tutorials and labs (the lecture slides were uploaded for a reason, after all) and finally only labs.
After all, this sem lite, next sem phodenge.

Waking up early:
You listened jealously to your friends describing the deliciousness of the chole bhature they had this morning for breakfast, as your stomach let our growls that could probably be heard even from the D side.Teeth gritted, you decided to do something you had never considered doing before: waking up in time for breakfast. Or even before breakfast.
Your friends cheered you on, excitedly babbling about the invigigorating breeze and beautiful sunrises that would greet you. That night, you dreamt of buttered bread and jam, of inner peace and tranquility. At 6 am, you awoke and faced harsh reality: The invigorating breeze was more of the cold and howling variety than anything remotely peaceful. You desperately reassured yourself with thoughts of the beautiful sunrise that would await you. Huddled under your blanket, you peered desperately out of your window. The sun rose, and that’s when you realised your hostel didn’t face east.Disappointed, you went to have a bath. The water was far from scalding and so, teeth chattering, you decided it was time for breakfast. What greeted you was not the chole bhaturey that had been promised, but rather ordinary poha. Dismayed, you gobbled down the overtoasted bread and your Bournvita-milk suspension.
The next day, when your alarm rang, you ignored it. After all, your dreams were far better than your reality.

This was the year you would make this resolution and actually follow through. After hours of research, you chalked down a rigid exercise routine. You didn’t know what a plank was and decided that it consisted of lying on the floor and staying still. Elated that your only two talents would finally be utilised, you were filled with new hope and vigour.
You trooped into the gym, head held high, humming along to the workout playlist you had spent days curating. The first thing you noticed was the smell. The sheer stink of it stunned you and left you gasping for air. Which did not make a good first impression on the intimidating hordes of muscular and athletic people who seemed to be straight out of a fitness magazine.
You feebly shifted a few 1 kg dumbells around and walked on the treadmill for a bit at the incredibly fast rate of 1 km/hr. After about 10 minutes of this, you decided that you had finished your share of exercise for the next few years. Satisfied and out of breath, you marveled at how your muscles were already becoming defined and gave yourself a few cheeky winks in the mirror.
Upon reaching your hostel room, you proceeded to practice your favourite yoga pose for the next sixteen hours: the shavasana.

DC had always been a Marvel for you. The speed, the lack of pop-ups with disturbing imagery, and the variety of files available. This year, though, you swore to limit your usage of it.
Deciding to binge watch six different shows during your compres wasn’t one of your better decisions, in hindsight. You resolved to only use it for educational purposes.
The first few days were great. You downloaded a few textbooks and their solutions and even went as far as to read their list of contents.
Soon, as your empty evenings stretched on, you became restless. You downloaded a few episodes of Black Mirror. After all, it’s educational, right? It educates us about the dangers of our dependence on technology. Failing completely to see the irony in this, you went on to download a few other movies. You deserved to be educated in the art of cinema, after all! Soon, you were back to your old habits, with an added improvement: Your sense of guilt was gone.

The “Next sem phodenge” resolution:

The first thing that came to your mind to fulfill this resolution was studying. Just like tigers don’t mind running even faster than cheetah to fetch their meat, you didn’t even have to think twice before deciding on spending the whole day in the library staring (…no), observing (…still a creep), looking at “her”, gaining courage to walk up to her. So what if she was CS and you were a Msc. Bio dualite? If test scores could define partners, then Sania Mirza would have been probably married to Brian Lara. Gathering courage, you sat across the desk from her. She smiled, wrote something on a piece of paper passed it. “Tonight, 9PM F.K?”, couldn’t help but read it, laughing internally like the laughing Buddha.” Pass it brother?”, you felt a dumbbell on you shoulder, until you realized dumbbells don’t stink, arms do. Seeing her smile increase, you silently passed over the note to those enormous fingers.

Optimism backlashes, especially when you aim for a B- in MOW, while only Physics you know of is that of Race 3. Attending tutorials turned out to be futile, when the only legit stuff you do is making doodles of Chhota Bheem and Doraemon while checking out that firstie (Yeah, you moved on). One positive thing about MOW, it cured your insomnia. Now you sleep, knowing there’s no way above C- in the subject you once topped your boards in, while also thinking of ways of how not to lose your “new love” this time simultaneously. Life’s so hard!

Saving food:

Out of all the resolutions, the one which was morally high grounded all the time, was the “no food wastage” which you definitely succeeded in. Can’t waste food if you don’t eat it, right? Hence now you spend more money in D Night Canteen in a month than in Pragati for over a sem.

Although these resolutions didn’t go so well, you already have one prepared in mind for the next year- Don’t make stupid resolutions!