Bill Cooper: The Grand-daddy of Conspiracies

Many of us are somewhat adept at conspiracies. If one has even dipped toes in these waters, one may have heard the name “Bill Cooper”. This seemingly commonplace name has quite a few mentions in shady blog posts and conspiracy forums. Further digging into this just draws one into the myriad layers of Bill Cooper’s conspiracies.

Milton William (Bill) Cooper’s origin is almost as murky as his stories. He alleged that till his discharge from Naval Intelligence in 1975, he served in the United States Navy, and the United States Air Force. This is in total contrast to the public records which state that he only served in the Navy for a while as a petty ,second class officer, in addition to a tour of duty in Vietnam.

Nothing much is known about his education except that after his discharge, he attended a junior college in California, and worked for a number of technical and vocational schools. It was only after 1988 that he started propagating his various conspiracy theories. He consolidated his limelight in 1991 when he released his book “Behold A Pale Horse” – a book still widely used as a reference for neo-conspiracy theorists.

It would be too difficult and unfair, to present the alleged “truth” he worked on, in a nutshell but to give a gist, it can be said that the theories include and involve extraterrestrial aliens integrated with the government of the two worlds, HIV/AIDS being a man-made disease to kill Blacks, Hispanics and homosexuals, assassinations and more.

In his book Behold the Pale Horse, he accuses President Eisenhower of being involved in an interplanetary negotiation treaty with the Roswell Greys (aliens from the planet Zeta Retaculi – the ones with the green skin, bulbous heads and huge eyes). This treaty had the following clause- the aliens would give the American government advanced knowledge and technology, in return for the permission to abduct a few human beings and cattle from North America. The U.S. supposedly used that knowledge to design better weapons against the Soviet nation (even though, as he expands later, the American and Soviet rivalry was and still is just a scripted stagecraft). This caused quite a ripple, especially when he claimed that aliens “manipulated and/or ruled the human race through various secret societies, religions, magic, witchcraft, and the occult”.

In his book, he wrote that all the governments of the most powerful nations in the world were controlled by communities like Illuminati and the Freemasons under the Builderbergs. These communities furthermore answered to a mysterious Round Table of Nine that worked towards ultimately creating the New World Order. With this Superconspiracy, he connected quite a few of the secret societies and created a bureaucratic model of their workings.

Bill Cooper also strongly believed that President John F. Kennedy was actually murdered by the secret service (with the help of a high-pressure device designed by the aliens and operated by the presidential chauffeur William Greer from the driver’s seat) because he was going to disseminate the classified alien information among the common mass.

Cooper also had a very well-known podcast that he used, to “give the people what they deserve”, i.e. their right to knowledge. In that podcast, he divulged that even Osama bin Laden was a lie propagated by the American Government and subsequently bashed the devastating 9/11 attacks.

Even though this article barely covers about half of Cooper’s extensive work, it displays the extreme devotion and conviction he had for his theories even as people laughed at him. He spent his last years in a state of paranoia about Bill Clinton’s government being after him. This paranoia finally got him killed in 2001 following a clash with the police trying to arrest him for tax evasion. Or was that the secret service silencing a loose tongue? We will have to wait for another Bill Cooper for that answer.