No. This song not only addresses Arnab Goswami and his group of panelists on his ‘Debate’ (LOL), but also a slightly less critical issue as well.                                                                                                                                                              

This beautiful song written and performed by the popular boy band, ‘Baha Men’ aptly highlights the current situation of dogs in our campus. Apparently, there are more than eighty dogs roaming around freely in the campus, with no in-time of 10:30 PM. Lucky bitches, literally. While their beautiful features and wobbling tails might give you cuteness goals, we have a bigger question to address, “After paying a sky-high amount as fees for acquiring education in this Institute of Eminence, is acquiring rabies and other diseases from these animals even affordable?”

When I first entered this college through its hallowed gates, little did I know that I would be tormented by these canines, who are in a much larger strength than they were in my locality, back home. And here I am, after having another horrid experience with these irksome dogs that roam about the college with an air of entitlement that even a fifth year dualite wouldn’t feel.

Let me put this in the sweetest way possible, in order to not hurt anyone’s feelings. The dogs are a complete nuisance. Hell yes, they are. It has become very difficult to roam about the library and other dog-infested areas. And let’s not talk about the days on which non-vegetarian food is served in the mess. They start following me, everywhere I go. And what do I say about the fights that erupt among these packs of dogs?  I was left quaking in my boots when seemingly peaceful dogs started barking and howling when I walked past a pack of them at night. You can’t help feeling helpless when they just barge into the LT during that 2:00pm lecture and conveniently do what everyone wishes to do at that time(It’s too obvious to even state. Hint for the ghots: It begins with an S, ends with a ‘leep’). Even they have the realization that the lectures are just too boring. I have to tread carefully for the fear of stepping on dog pee. To reach Food King via the library is a separate mission worthy of being scripted for the movie ‘Matrix’. If you are lucky enough, you may find dogs (the younger lot among them) indulging in public display of affection, making every student (mechanical, especially) very jealous. Only God or Gaitonde knows of the whereabouts of the dog handlers and of the job they do because I see no improvement in the scenario, whatsoever. The dogs still roam about with the same audacity and authority, as before. Even the dog vaccination scheme seems to have “gone to the dogs”( the dogs who got vaccinated apparently have a red smear on their face).

I hope I could tone myself as sweetly as possible, without hurting anyone’s sentiments. I am, in fact, a member of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals).

Well, the only thing that I can say is that this problem needs to be sorted out before they end up biting someone. And even if we overlook the threat of dog bites for a moment, it’s highly unhygienic to have these creatures in the premises of eateries and classrooms. A college of this stature can’t afford to have flaws which will poison the feeling of perfect bliss that BITSians otherwise feel, whilst spending their lives at the “home away from home”.