Interview with Rahul Subramanian and Piyush Sharma

They are witty, charming and intelligent. With their humorous antics, they manage to tickle everyone’s funny bones and have rightfully carved their names as some of the best stand-up comedians of India. From jokes on the engineering life, to jokes about the tyranny of their typical middle class family, they sent everyone at the Pre-Waves Comedy Night into an explosive laughter fit. DoJMA got a chance to catch up with Rahul Subramanian and Piyush Sharma, and posed a few questions. Here’s what they had to say:


DoJMA: How was your experience performing in BITS Goa?

Rahul: This is my second time performing here. The first time I had performed here with Angad, and now this is the second time. The best thing about performing in your college is that it is so close to the airport. I think that’s why it is one of my favourite colleges to perform.

Piyush: When I heard Bits Pilani Goa, I got very excited to the word “Goa”. So I thought I must do this show.

DoJMA: Both of you are very reputed comics, so were you ever threatened, or sent any hate mails because of an act of yours?

Piyush: My parents. They wanted me to do a job. Nobody other than them.

DoJMA: How did your parents react when you told them you wanted to be a comedian?

Piyush: I asked my parents to give me a deadline of one year to try things out with the promise if things didn’t work out I would get a job.

DoJMA: What ingredients make up a comedian, do you think it requires skill or gift?

Rahul: It will be very pre mature for us to even claim to now what it takes to be a comedian. We are also on our way, and we have a long long way ahead. I have been doing it since 2014, just 3-4 years, one can answer this when we are ten years into the field.

Piyush: You can ask us when we come to waves after 4 years.

DoJMA: Piyush, this question is specific to you. You have performed at canvas, almost all of your Youtube videos are from canvas, so do you see yourself experimenting with other platforms such as amazon prime?

Piyush: I will do it if I get a call.

Rahul: Canvas is just a venue, a lot of venues call us to perform but canvas is where we generally shoot because it’s a good venue to shoot.

Piyush: The acoustics are pretty good there.

Rahul: He is not tied to canvas laughter club, he performs wherever and everywhere.

DoJMA: Who is your favourite judge in Comicstaan?

Rahul: Honestly, I have just seen two episodes of Comicstaan. It’s not favourite judge, I think its favourite person for me. I love lot of them but I think I’m close to Biswa Kalyan Rath.

DoJMA: Do you guys see yourself venturing into alternate humour forums like writing funny blogs or memes, etc?

Rahul: Piyush is a writer apart from a comedian.

Piyush: Yeah I do write sometimes.

Rahul: Piyush writes a lot, he also wrote for many comedy series.

Piyush: Yeah , I’ve been writing for TVF’s Humorously Your’s and Barely Speaking with Arnab.