Treasurer Candidate: Utkarsh Rai

Q) Why do you think you are a suitable candidate for this post? And why this post?

Ans: In my opinion, fund allocation is decently done but there is a lack of fund utilisation. I’ll make sure the utilisation of these is done properly. I am a CTE instructor so I know how the funds are allocated. Hence, I’ll know how to do it for clubs and departments.

Q) Why is your agenda seemingly tech and sports centric?

Ans: Currently, all the sports teams have to pay for their sports coaching themselves. As these teams represent our college, I feel that the college/CSA should pay for it. As for the technical clubs, I don’t believe much attention is paid given to them and I believe that should change.

Q) Given that clubs and departments have their own interests, how can you create collaborations?

Ans: The CSA budget is not huge. Every asset belongs to the CSA. For example, collaboration of AeroD and SAE is mutually beneficial. So, if appropriate identification is done, different departments and clubs can benefit from each other.

Q) What do you think holds back academic associations from completely utilising their funds?

Ans: Currently, the only way association funds are utilised is by way of individuals asking for grants, for, say, participating at conferences. There is a lack of awareness regarding the methods to completely utilise association funds, which I would like to change.

Q) In your agenda, you talk about making a structure for extensive data collection. What kind of data are you talking about and how is it useful?

Ans:  I am talking of all the financial details of the clubs and departments. It is a new area which needs to be worked upon. It will be a good consolidation of data. It will help save money in the future as well as benefit the fests. In addition, it will be very helpful for the organizing committee in the years to come.

Q) What was your approach while designing your agenda?

Ans: I simply followed the financial principles and identified what our college needs. The agenda is very budget oriented. It takes into consideration the distribution of funds and how to fix the potholes in it.