Treasurer Candidate: Ayush Gupta

Q. What credentials do you hold for applying for Treasurer’s position?

Ans. I was the mess representative of AH7 for the last term, thus being a part of the CSA extended, I understand how the CSA works. Being a member of Quark Controls for two years, I understand how fests work in our college, and what problems they face. Lastly, I was also a part of celestia, a technical club, and having spoken to several coordinators, I have gained an understanding of how clubs work, how they get reimbursements and so on.

I have been doing my groundwork since the last semester, and have understood the reimbursement cycles that various clubs follow.

Having spoken to the ex-CSA and the current CSA, I have collected enough knowledge and understanding of how fests, technical clubs and sports teams work on campus.

Q. Why didn’t you run for the post of treasurer in the last semester?

Ans: When NOTA got the largest number of votes, a lot of people were also of the view that Quark Controls did not do its best for the fest, since a lot of issues such as t-shirts not being delivered had come up. That is when I decided to run for the post, as I felt someone had to bring about a change in the campus.

Q. Can you elaborate on the ground work you have done for your agenda points?

Ans: The current vice president has asked clubs and departments to come up with a budget by the 6th of september, he will meet them on 7th or 8th, and after that they will meet with the newly elected treasurer and decide the reimbursement cycles there need to be, whether there should be one or two such cycles. Then, individual meetings will start between club coordinators, the president and the treasurer. These meetings take up about 100 hours, so you see, if elected, I can easily spare these 100 hours from the 8th of september till about the 5th of October.

I don’t have any classes after 1 pm on most days, thus it will be possible to meet each and every club coordinator to decide on the budgets. Thus, I have accounted how much time it takes to make an ideal budget.

Q.Your agenda focussed on a lot of progressive measures such as digital payments, an app for PR drives, CSA helping out academic departments etc. Have you done any groundwork for any of these measures?

Ans: Regarding the app, I have been in touch with the coordinator of the mobile application club since the first week of August, thus this app is in the final stages of development.

I have spoken to the HoD of the economics department, and association presidents of the mechanical and economics departments. I have realised that a majority of the students do not know that they can get guidance from these associations.

Different vendors need to be contacted for the T-shirts, and to choose the best vendor, we will start asking for samples

Q. In your agenda you mention having a team dedicated to sponsorship for the technical clubs. Please elaborate.

Ans: If elected, I will send a mail inviting applications to be a part of this team. After that the applications will be scrutinised by the club heads, the CSA and some students from DoSM. Then PI’s will be conducted to select a candidate who has knowledge of all the clubs and is dedicated in finding sponsors for them. Approximately 10 hours of personal interviews will be conducted to find  candidate worthy of heading this team. This team will be different from DoSM because the team will have members from these clubs who know that if they don’t get funds, money for the projects goes from their pockets. I will also ensure that the sponsorship head and the DoSM head work in close contact to avoid any clashes which will ensure that this team doesn’t affect the sponsors of the fest in any way.

Q. Your agenda mentions that any payment of more than 10 thousand will go through the CSA. Does that mean ever single payment of every club and department if more than 10 thousand goes through the CSA or are you talking about any specific payments?

Ans: The current system is such that the club members have to pitch in their money for any transaction and they are later reimbursed. This takes around a month. What I am planning to do is make these payments pass directly through the CSA and make the process easier.

Q. In your  agenda you talk about being transparent in your working. So what exactly are you going to be transparent about and how are you going to bring about this transparency?

Ans: The student body doesn’t have a very specific idea about the role of treasurer. I will introduce students to the exact role of the treasurer and will always be available to be contacted by any students.