Editorial: Fresh Beginnings!

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth

As you stand at the threshold of a 4 or 5 yearlong roller coaster ride in BITS Pilani, you may feel the initial thrill of securing a seat in one of the premier engineering institutes, give way to misgivings and insecurities. Even the stoic war (read: JEE preparation) hardened veterans (read: students/scapegoats of coaching centers) are known to get cold feet at the thought of leaving the protected shores of home by the sea of familiar faces. The unfamiliar lands and the curse of Babel cause even the nerves of steel to rust and crumble to powder. The multitude of unanswered questions about the place that will be your second home raise a tsunami of confusion and doubt in the mind, in the course of filtering out genuine information from hearsay.

So, DoJMA presents to you the Freshers’ Issue which is your pair of binoculars to sneak a glance at the life of BITSIANS in the Goa campus (no, the classes aren’t conducted on the beach). It is a platter of answers to a potpourri of quirky yet pressing questions that you may have shied from asking that senior. However, this Issue will most certainly trigger more questions and heighten your curiosity about the topics discussed in the articles; whilst enhancing(?) your vocabulary with the BITS jargon. You will be enlightened on the commonplace habit of lightening up your mood on a bad day with the practice of taking ‘lite’. You will be fondly welcomed into BITS’ very own time zone, colloquially referred to as the BST (BITS Standard Time) in which events happening ‘fafa’ is a myth. As you read on, you will realize that there isn’t a deceptively concealed entrance to platform 9 ¾ to board the train to a magical 4/5 years in the Goa campus, but it is the memories, of all shades, made in each moment of college life that will impart an ethereal flavor to this uncannily brief period of 4/5 years.

“A Beginner’s Guide to Packing for College” is a chill-pill for worried parents who are inches away from packing furniture for their freshly admitted children. It is a comprehensive list of articles that a BITSIAN needs to carry in order to survive the onslaught of hostel life, (and soon enough, of freeloader friends-‘keep extras and don’t forget’ is the trick to survive through their existence in your life).



B-Ragging, Right?” is an informative article to remove any fears about ragging on campus among the newly admitted students.


The dual degree programme, which, for a majority, is a second chance to rectify sins of the past, is often viewed as a giant hog gluttoning over a dualite firstie’s recreational time. “Mythbusters: Life of a Dualite” comes as a refreshing spring breeze, for all those firsties who are battling an internal tempest of pressure amidst other first year emotional syndromes.


“First Month On-Campus Blues” is a common phenomenon among juniors and DoJMA has compiled some tried and tested ways of battling the gut wrenching spasms of home sickness, in the article titled “BITZFeed: How to survive the first month on campus”.


Among the many responsibilities that weigh down the shoulders of the average BITSIAN, is that of intelligent expenditure of pocket money. Discover some ways of minimizing trips to the ATM and phone calls to your parents for a cash deposit in your account in the article titled “ BITZFeed: How to manage a frugal existence on campus ”.


Bajrang D’souza, the beloved fictitious BITSGian who is the mouthpiece of the very real problems of every BITSGian, welcomes firsties with advice on how to be judicious in the expenditure of time on different activities, in the first year. Catch up on Bajrang’s latest rant in the article titled “Remembering a Forgettable Year”.


You will discover, in this array of articles, those locations within the campus that are vantage points for the most breath taking visuals on and off the campus and the haunts of bitter-sweet memories of thousands of students, in the article titled “ 4 Years a Slave”.


If you find yourself rudely pushed into the drill of schedules and studies after a long period of retirement from academics, do not miss out on the article “Windows To The Soul Of Goa : A Travel Guide To Atypical Places” , a compilation of unconventional places to visit in Goa. A visit to any of these places will certainly wash away the very last speck of monotony.

WINDOWS TO THE SOUL OF GOA : A Travel Guide to Atypical Places

As Robert Frost has rightly stated in the opening lines of his poem” The Road Not Taken”, it is only when you choose a path that you can tell whether or not the choice of paths made was correct. As you gear up to explore and relish the joys and sorrows of college life, DoJMA has made an attempt at summarizing all these aspects of BITS Pilani, Goa Campus, that cause tears of both, joy and sorrow, to well up in the eyes of the resident students.

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