DoJMA got the unique chance to interview Padma Bhushan and Arjuna Award winner Abhinav Bindra who visited BITS Goa to deliver a talk during the Pre-Spree 2018 nights. Just to name a few of his achievements, he was the first Indian to win individual Olympic gold medal in 2008 Beijing Olympic, he won gold in ISSF World Shooting Championships (2006) and he bagged a gold in Commonwealth games (2010) held in Delhi. His exceptional achievements have inspired many and they have been serving as a driving force for many to represent India in various international events.


Q: Do you think our performance as a country is doing justice to our capabilities in the field of shooting ?

AB: In the field of shooting? We are doing exceedingly well ! I think we recently did well in the world cup and progress is being made . We are at a good stage in this field, it’s all going in the right direction and hopefully we can keep the momentum going .


Q: What benefits do athletes have training abroad rather than in india ?

AB: Well, I think it’s about the better infrastructure and facilities which are needed to create a top athlete . I think that is something which is lagging in india . That is why our athletes have to go overseas to avail those facilities . That’s what the status is at the moment . It’s not the ideal situation. Going abroad should always be plan-B and not plan-A. All the facilities should be available on the door. But it is how it is right now.


Q: You have experienced highs and lows in your career. What advice would you give to athletes who are going through a low point right now?

AB: I think it’s a matter of continuing to persevere and to resist and not give up. I believe when a person is going through a low time whether it’s in sports or anywhere else, sometimes a breakthrough is just around the corner; it’s just about hanging in there a little bit longer. I think a person who actually wins is somebody who hangs in there when the going gets tough. It’s about never giving up.


Q: Young talent is emerging in the sport of professional shooting. Any particular shooter you are following?

AB: Oh not just any one, I follow everybody. When it comes to shooting we have a lot of talent, a lot of young talent coming through and I really expect that the young talent will continue to do well and get to highest step of the podium at various events. There’s a lot of talent, I don’t want to name a particular person. But I think there’s a tremendous amount of talent emerging when it comes to shooting.