Editorial: A Winter So Long

A new year, a new start. While you might still be recovering from the new year’s hangover and the aftermath of the ERP breakdown, we are here to deliver the first issue of the year.

Following the Cryptocurrency market boom, we present to you our take on the same – “Cryptocurrency v2.0 : A Prequel”. While on the topic of online sensations, we have an informative piece on the #MeToo movement which will take you through the events as they occurred.

Moving on, we have a piece on the art and science behind the beautiful Goan skies. We also have a professional recommendation of books that are a must read, exclusively compiled by our team in the fresh version of DoJMA Recommends.

If you were having trouble in following your new year resolutions, BITZFeed brings to you some realistic resolutions that won’t be fortuitously easy to let go of. Since one picture can convey a thousand words, our cartoonists have sketched Av. Aadmi, that portrays the grief of every BITSGian while coping up with the ever-changing administrative policies.

Coming to national politics, the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections have seen some amazing turn of events with the results in favor of the BJP. SportsTab this time around includes “ManCity: Guardiola effect” for the football enthusiasts out there. For all the anxious students who would be soon undergoing the PS Allotment process, there’s a piece that tells you about the process, highlights its benefits (apart from the obvious improvement to your CGPA) and provide you with alternatives.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue!