“Days of buildin’ a fiesta. Nights of anticipation.
Losin’ my frantic pace. Yet preparing My
Self for a run down Memory Lane to eye
An atmosphere of frolic. A spirit of devotion.”

For thousands who have lived the magic, it’s easy to feel my feelings while gauging the enthusing contrast. As I sit at Majorda beach, timing my breath to the rise and fall of the sea, my mind is devoid of every thought but ‘Waves’. But that’s not just a pictionary word anymore! BITSians like me know how it’s a portal to all celebratory things: the saga that Sea Rock is and the romance in Natyanjali. The workshops teeming with participants. Of course, the “Pro” nights, with every night in a set of three dedicated to rigorous entertainment—I recall how I had been infected, both by the glitz of Lost Stories and the melody of Amit Trivedi. The best thing about the cultural festival is: all of it being served in a unique package each year.

As the countdown goes on, an enormous community prepare themselves to re-live the annual experience from 27-29 October. Join them, as they unravel the dichotomy of things in the 2017 edition: ‘A Tale In Two Shades’.