Year 1. Day 2. Registration line ft. awkward conversations.

“Hi, what’s your branch?”

“EEE. But I plan on trying for a vertical to CS.”

“Hey, I’m in Chemical but I have to get a vertical at any cost.”

“Hi guys, I’m in MSc Bio, but I’ve heard you can change your science degree. Do you have any idea how that works?”

The feeling of dissatisfaction with the branch allotted after the last iteration of the admission process is one of the many emotions amongst newly admitted students, in addition to the elephant in the room – homesickness. Just as the homely ambience of the campus comes as an antidote to aforementioned homesickness; the provisions of the academic constitution of BITS is the ambrosia for the wounded self-esteem of those who couldn’t qualify for their branch of interest post BITSAT. So, like all good reading materials, let us begin with definitions.

A vertical transfer or a ‘verti’ (you might want to start brushing up on lingo) is a transfer from one engineering branch to the other (most likely a branch you couldn’t clear the BITSAT cutoff for). A horizontal transfer is switching from one M.Sc. branch to the other. These transfers can be redeemed as a reward (arguably) for an exceptionally high CGPA at the end of the first year. The most coveted vertical transfer to the Computer Science branch requires a CGPA of 9.5 and above after the first year. Horizontal transfers to any other branch require a relatively lower CGPA than a CS transfer – usually above 9, nonetheless. (An insight from the experienced: The post first-year CGPA often makes a majority regret those un-attempted questions in BITSAT). A horizontal transfer, on the other hand, requires a CGPA of 8.5-9, again depending on the branch you wish to switch to.


Some musings:

1. How difficult is it to get a vertical transfer?

Ans. As mentioned above, it requires a really high CGPA, something that is not very easy. If you’re extremely serious about a vertical, then talk to people who’ve got it and put in 100% efforts. The curriculum at BITS is not very kind.

2. Do cutoffs for transfers change?

Ans. Yes, the cutoffs are completely the discretion of the administration and depend on the availability of seats.

3. If I am in CS and I want some other branch, is the vertical transfer applicable for my case? Will I still require a good CGPA for that?

Ans. Yes, you can certainly apply for a vertical transfer given that you have crossed the threshold CGPA qualifications required for that branch. Also, be assured of the well wishes of that dualite who got into CS because of the vacancy created by you.

4. Is there a transfer where I get to keep the original stream that I was allotted in the admission procedure and also the stream that I obtain through the transfer?

Ans. Yes, you can opt to graduate with two different BE degrees or opt for a reverse dual degree, that is, retain the BE stream allotted after the admission process while receiving a transfer to an M.Sc. stream.