Bajrang D’Souza: Newfound Campus Eccentricities

Is new always better?

When have power-cuts not plagued our dystopian facade of a society? Never.  An impedingly haunting quiz was staring right at my face, when the usual power-cut hit. Rushing to the library, I waded through a swarm of people who were engaged in a monumental surplus of activities, all of which did not include studying. Talk about defeated purposes (tch tch).  The library was full of industrious students just asking to be disturbed. Incredibly annoyed by these irritating people, I left for the hostel with the infinitesimally tiny flashlight in my dwelling. If only I gave enough of a damn, I would’ve actually gone through with that idea instead of descending to joining a poker game right downstairs.

On my way to an 8 AM class (I know. Couldn’t believe it myself), I noticed something different with the C-Wing. It was unequivocally trashed, just like a majority of the minds here. The following day, the conventional path was being reconstructed. It took three tries and instructions from the construction crew to understand how to reach the CC lab.

Thankfully the matter resolved itself just in time for the elections – as the reprehensible voter turnout would disappoint further if the few students concerned about good governance couldn’t get to the CC in time to vote. Not that it mattered, as the few good men who actually bothered to vote, cast their votes for their pals anyway.

The weeks leading up to the elections are that time of the year when we get to listen to absurd agenda points and see the candidates embarrass themselves  in the auditorium as the panel explains to them how infeasible their promises are. Coming back to my quest to ace the semester, I gather my stuff from the CC and rush to class at 3:59 PM. I generally don’t attend classes, especially not this one. However, with the ongoing speculations of a ‘surprise’ quiz, a goblet of free marks attracts to enable clearing the NC border, all of 10% (if I can manage a seat next to some generous people, that is). I reach Mongi only to realise that I have to take the diversion – that’s something I always forget. Why? Because a Grand Spine is to be built in place of a secure sheltered pathway. Okay, so you’re telling me that you’re taking down a good ol’ pathway and building what instead? *drumroll* Another pathway! Only if someone could explain the utility of spending so much on reconstructing a pathway from scratch instead of building on something perfectly good and useful. Our nameless, un-grand pathway served its role well for years.

I retreated to the library after that God-awful quiz (curse the front-bench nerds) when I received a mail informing me that the library timings have been extended to 2 AM to enable students to study in the library just before the exams. Essentially, you mean to say that I can now sit in the library for 3 extra hours doing nothing, gaining partial satisfaction by simply seating myself in a supposedly study environment while I’m surrounded by a bunch of nimwits. Sounds brilliant! Good for the handful of elites who actually make the most of it because obviously, no one can study in their room on a table unless it has five other people struggling for space to keep their laptops, books and other expensive gadgets like tablets and headphones that supposedly enhance productivity. Supposedly.

But I as a representative of the lesser mortals have this dire need to leave the library at 11 PM on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday since Tandoori items await me in the A night-mess.