GenSec Review: Abhinav Gupta

One of the top priorities in Abhinav’s agenda was to carry out the passport making process in a hassle free manner, and he succeeded in doing so. Abhinav, though, acknowledged the challenges he faced along the way, which included him travelling to the Panjim passport office several times. The initiative paid off, however, and the process was conducted smoothly, winning him the praise of all those that availed its benefits.

A striking point on his agenda involved him improving the CSATimes Tab. To that end, a new CSA website has been set up and has several features including FAQs, a Hall of Fame tab, etc. While a majority of the site’s pages are still under construction, Abhinav says that it’ll all be completed in a fortnight or so from when the GBM is going to take place. When asked about why it took so long for him to set the whole thing up, he replied saying that the previous CSA who held the credentials for the existing website (which crashed, and died in mid-September) were reluctant to hand over the reins to maintain the website, to him. Abhinav didn’t want to reveal any names and he only said that he’s glad the website is finally up and running.

A major issue on Abhinav’s agenda was the provision of sports equipment, such as chess boards, carom boards and table tennis racquets to the hostels. On being asked about the progress of the same, he claimed that it has been properly executed and that all the equipment has been provided to the hostel superintendents as promised by him in his agenda. He plans to formally inform the students about the same, soon.

The promise dealing with the installation of water coolers and RO/Aquaguards both in the hostel as well as on the SAC grounds was also discussed. While the ones in the hostels have been successfully installed, this is not the case with the SAC and tennis courts. Abhinav acknowledges the fact that this is the one thing on his agenda which is incomplete. He says that he has taken up the issue with Mr. Chandu Lamani, the SAC in-charge and Mr. A.K. Patil, the Estate Manager. Abhinav remains hopeful that the same will be accomplished by the end of his tenure. Further, in collaboration with the mess representatives, Abhinav claims to have reported the hygiene problems in the eateries as well. He has also successfully overseen the installation of soap dispensers in non-hostel washrooms and both the messes.
On another one of his agenda points, Abhinav says that he has discussed the provision of more books in the library, along with the enforcing of the suggestion portal for new books. Abhinav believed that the previously existing suggestion portal on Koha was never taken seriously and most of the students were of unaware it. Instead, he has proposed a system where the gensec will take suggestions from the students and then relay them to the librarian.
Also, as mentioned in his agenda, the initiative to update the question papers for students of all years has been brought up with the director, the deans and the associate deans of all units. If it’s being done in a regular manner is a different question, altogether.

Abhinav is proud of the current CSA and feels that it was its collective work that has led to the efficient implementation of most agenda points. When asked about the one thing he would’ve liked to have done differently in his tenure, Abhinav said that he would’ve liked to be more open to feedback regarding the fests and to be able to communicate those issues with the administration right from the beginning itself, something that they have only taken upon themselves after the conclusion of Spree.

When Abhinav Gupta assumed the role of the General Secretary, he had big shoes to fill and very little time to do so. As we near the end of his term, it’s fair to say that he has done a good job of the same and has lived up to his agenda more or less. Some of his major promises such as improvements to the CSATimes Tab are still in the works. At the end of the day, a decent amount of work has been done over the course of the past semester and a half, and the level of approachability that he ensured was admirably adequate.