GenSec Candidate: Abhinav Gupta

This ambitious man has taken initiative to work for the students after a long thought process. He has decided that if he’s going to take responsibility, he’ll fulfill it to the best of his ability. When asked about other personal goals and ambitions, he said, “People have a notion I prioritize academics but that is not the case. Presently I have no ambition that might be affected.”, according to him there will be no problems on that front.

He went on to tell DoJMA about few of the top priority issues in his agenda. He started with the passport issue. He has been in touch with regional officer in Panjim to ensure hassle free passports via a service camp on campus to try and ease the issues. The second problem that he planned to address was the lack of sports equipment in hostels, currently TT balls and bats not provided by the SAC. After discussions with Mr.Chandu Lamani, the SAC in charge, he is certain that the necessary sports equipment can be provided for at least Table Tennis, Carrom and chess. Further he plans to negotiate for badminton equipment as well. Furthermore, he has obtained consent to install water dispensers in SAC and possibly near the Tennis courts after discussion with SAC in charge and the estate manager.

He is of the strong belief that currently people are unaware of the facilities on campus like the books list on the library intranet website, etc. He hopes to improve the preparatory material offered by the library for people looking to write competitive exams (for CAT, GATE, GRE, GMAT). There is good news for our wallets as he talked about the possibility of obtaining discount offers for BITS students in various eateries in Goa. He told us about such offers already exist in foodies, red chillies and kudos (4-5 months back). He assures that there is scope for more such offers that can benefit the students.

When asked about the support he can get from the CSA, he revealed that AK Patil, the estate manager, has consented to a few points on his agenda after a lot of discussion, deliberation and effort. He says the reason all this has been possible till date was because he had been planning his Gen sec candidature since February.

To address the challenges that lie ahead, he promptly said, “Achieving agenda points will be challenging but because of the assurance from the faculty and their backing, I’ll fulfill all points on my agenda by the end of my term. However, the agenda is only a teaser of my preparation and work in the past few months.”

He thinks that the previous gen sec managed to complete a commendable 85% of the tasks mentioned in his agenda which has raised the bar and this will make it all the more difficult for him to accomplish all that he is setting out to for the welfare of the college and its students. The increased expectations didn’t seem to bother him much and he is confident that should he be elected he too shall carry out his duties diligently without any self doubt and inhibitions. To stand out from the previous Gen Sec’s Abhinav mentioned that he’ll strive to be the most approachable Gen Sec in the history of this college and he’ll do his best to mediate between the student body and the necessary administration, whether it’s a member of the CSA (president, VP) or the concerned faculty.