You might be surprised, even shocked, to see this list in BITS Goa’s monthly magazine. It must seem as a bit of a betrayal on our part, what with every ‘uncle-aunty’ already bent on convincing your parents that Goa is the last place they should send you for college; hearing this from a bunch of people who’ve spent at least a year in there must be the final straw. However, we at BITS Goa believe in the freedom to form one’s own opinions, so we’ll let you decide what to think of the college, after we put the raw facts out there for you. So, here goes:

  1. “Arre, what is this no reservations nonsense? Aaj ke zamaane mein ‘purely merit-based’ kya hota hai, it’s ridiculous I tell you.”
  2. Beaches. They might distract you from all important ‘istudies, beta.’
  3. The weather – it makes you want to sleep and run at the same time.
  4. The opportunity to major in two subjects – no one understands the dual degree system anyway. “Why are you studying Economics AND doing Mechanical?”
  5. An active club culture distracts you from studies, and makes you want to achieve unwanted things like ‘overall personality development’.
  6. In the years of bad monsoon, we replace water with alcohol. No water, only alcohol.
  7. Single rooms deprive you of the right to crib about your annoying, unhygienic roommate.
  8. The constant debate between calling it “BITS Goa” or “BITS Pilani, Goa” is headache-inducing.
  9. Extra weekend classes on the beach are sometimes cancelled due to the alcoholism of many participants.
  10. Good weather prevents you from writing ‘Desert Nomad’ on your CV.
  11. Snake charmers are the biggest on-campus recruiters.
  12. Deprives you one of the fundamental Rights to Complain of every college student as the  mess food is actually acceptable.
  13. Distracts you from your lack of future with its natural beauty.
  14. Women in college take the spirit of Goa far too seriously and hence, come to class in bikinis quite often.
  15. Classes are cancelled due to heavy rain on a regular basis. Especially in November.
  16. We have no swimming pool (possibly because authorities think it was sufficient to build a campus between a river and a sea, pfft.)
  17. The endless awkward conversations with your relatives when trying to explain that there’s a college in Goa.
  18. Academic freedom distracts you from your core branch, you might actually find out what you’re passionate about.
  19. It has an active confessions page.
  20. The zero attendance policy leaves no room for motivation to attend classes.